From: Linda on
I had my email set up for one exchange acct, and two Pop 3s. I went under
email accounts, removed the exchange one, and messed everything up! Every
thing left, all I have is some archive folders with sent mail.

I can send mail, and received it, but can't go to sent mail, as it is old
archived from the deleted exchange account.

I clicked on "new data file", got a Personal Folders, .pst, can see it in
the nagivation pane, but nothing goes into it.

Basically, I just need to get my folders back for the remaining two POP
accounts. I want just the original default folders, inbox, sent, etc......
like when you first set outlook up. I think because I was on an exchange,
and a vpn (this is my home computer connecting to work server) when I removed
it, programming was lost, etc.....