From: pasolo on
I'm using LV 7.1 Pro under Windows XP. I can use a PCI 6602 card and also a PCI MIO 16 XE-10. I must drive a stepper motor via a specific driver : Philips TJA1010. This driver is working with a clock at ~7 Khz used as timebase and it has a serial data input  that will activate the differents driver outputs connected to the stepper motor to create the rotation.
 The sequence order to send via the serial data input is described in the attachment. The problem is to be able to generate this sequence on the serial data input. I already checked on the forum and found the .vi attached but I don't see how to create my sequence.
Thank you in advance for your help

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From: Justin M. on
Hi pasolo,
I'm not familiar with the TJA1010, so I'm assuming for this post that you have already hooked up one of the digital lines from your DAQ card to the input on the motor driver.
From what you describe, it sounds like you want to do a specific pattern generation on an external clock.  There is actually a great example for that in the NI Example Finder.  Just open LabVIEW and go to Help >> Find Examples.  From the Browse tab, go to Hardware Input and Output >> DAQmx >> Digital Generation >> Cont Write Dig Port-Ext Clk.  This should allow you to write a pattern of 0s and 1s that correspond to your required waveform.  Also, some of the other examples in there might be helpful to look at as well.
I hope this helps!
Justin M.
National Instruments