From: Adrian Tarjoianu on
Hi Steven,

At the moment I am interested only in the IIS hosting approach. We are not
interested in self hosting yet.
Also, I didn't use any network tracing tool. netTcpBinding is 70% slower
than asmx

If I use netTcpBinding aren't the DataSets binary serialized by default? If
no then how could I configure them with binary serializer?

Thank you,

""Steven Cheng"" <stcheng(a)> wrote in message
> Hi Adrian,
> So even if you set the DataSet to use binary serialization format the
> speed
> is still not quite good? Have you tried different hosting approaches such
> as using self-hosting (in a console application) or move to a different
> server to see whether there is any difference?
> Generally speaking, since WCF netTcpBinding naturally use binary encoding
> and DataSet (can be set to use binary serializer), the problem should not
> be no worse than the asmx webservice which use text based encoding on
> DataSet. Have you tried using some network tracing tools like netmon or
> tcp trace to capture the data transferred at the transport layer to get
> the
> actual binary data size sent over wire?
> Sincerely,
> Steven Cheng
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>>Hi Steven,
>>As per this thread, there are not any solution for transfering big
>>DataSets/DataTables via WCF.
>>Excluding the schema is not a solution. Also, because I use NetTcpBinding
>>protocol I cannot change the serialiazer type.
>>Do you have any other solutions?
>>Thank you,
>>""Steven Cheng"" <stcheng(a)> wrote in message
>>> Hi Adrian,
>>> As for DataSet, it seems .NET 3.5 add binary serialization for it so as
> to
>>> improve serialization performance since for text message encoding cases,
>>> large dataset will be converted from binary byte to text format which
> will
>>> increase the data size. Also, when using binary format serialization,
>>> you
>>> also need to change the message encoding type from text to binary or
>>> Mtom
>>> of your binding. Here is a former thread mentioned transfering large
>>> dataset in WCF:
>>> #Passing 3MB DataSet via WCF - Best Practice
>>> 8bfa-4ccf3a1ea851
>>> Since