From: Srinivas Kharsada Patnaik on
Hello All,
I want to know is there any possibility to configure modbus using LabVIEW?
Using LabVIEW can we be able to interact with the modules and controllers through modbus communication?If there is any solution for that then let me know how to do that.
From: Nishant on
Yes Mr. Shrinivas Absolutely,
         It is Possible to configure modbus using LabVIEW, there are certain modbus drivers, which I am attaching here through which you can build the VI from which you can interact with the modules which also have the modbus implemented and to do this is quite easy, the help file for using modbuds driver is also attached with this. we already have built the program for that but for the certain reasons i am unable to provide you that vi but i am sure that with this you can do it, if u face any problems during building VI, contact me i ll be there for sure to back you.


From: pincpanter on
Hi Nishant,
do you know if there is a similar driver for Modbus slave and old LabView (say version 5) ?

From: Srinivas Kharsada Patnaik on
Thanx Mr. Nishant,
thanx for your reply.
As I am new to this LabVIEW world, if you could provide some basic stuff regarding this, I will be glad.can you just explain me how you could do that or the exact funda behind it?
anyway, thanks Sir again.
From: Donald on
pincpanter wrote:do you know if there is a similar driver for Modbus slave and old LabView (say version 5) ?

Several of the links in Khalid's post that tst directs you to have gone dead in the past year or so. One of them ( ?) used to lead to Maarten van Bree's Modbus VIs that were free and done in LV v4.0.2. You can still get those VIs (as v4.0.2) from this forum in <a href=";" target="_blank">this thread</a>.
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