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I have a home computer, a work computer and an Acer laptop which has an
inbuilt Broadcom modem and a wireless modem. The 3 machines are on a
home network and are all hardwired to a router attached to the work
computer. Two computers have XP Home SP3 and the laptop has XP Pro
SP3Wireless on the laptop is disabled because the location of the
computers do not always communicate succesfully. My local area network
on the laptop shows a wireless connection (which I have disabled), a
1394 connection (I have also disabled) and a local area connection. I
boot the computers in the order of the work computer with the router,
then the home computer if I need to use it and lastly the laptop. The
modem is turned on at all times. Recently when I boot the laptop, there
is no Internet or LAN connection. Checking the network connections shows
that LAN is disabled. I enable, LAN connects and all is well. On re-boot
LAN is again showing as being disabled on the laptop. Each time I boot
the laptop I have to open network connections and enable LAN. This
phenomenon started only last week. Until then I never had a problem. The
other computers do not have this problem. Can anyone suggest how I can
correct this so that the LAN connects at boot time of my laptop? I have
noticed that momentarily the connection icon shows up in the quick
launch area and then disappears.

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