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Just to be sure we're on the same page:

Sprint PCS Connection Manager(UTStarcom) (which installed Curitel PC card

After installation, I was able to browse HTTP(S), FTP files, SMTP, POP with
no problems.
Then I tried opening up one of my local projects in V. Studio... no luck..
Tried to open up //localhost/ directly.. still no joy.. it would just hang.

I uninstalled:
Sprint PCS Connection Manager(UTStarcom)
Curitel PC card software

At least now, my local IIS is working, and I'm able to function, but in the
MMC, under my Default Web Site, every file listed has ''Unexpected Error
0x8007010d occurred.", which has me a little worried.

googling 0x8007010d only produces one (useless to me) result.

I'll be taking my wireless card back, but I'd still like to know wth went

Side note: While attempting to fix this issue, I unfortunately just found
out that Norton AV prevents System Restore from saving useful restore files.


"Doug" wrote:

> I'm not able to do it even when I uninstall the Sprint software. Unless
> there's something I forgot to install, that still didn't work for me. I've
> tried a million different ways to solve this problem, but no solutions that
> I've found have worked.
> I"ve uninstalled IIS, .NET2.0, tweaked access for both the I_USR acount and
> the I_WAM acount, ran the script to sync up the I_WAM account, and everything
> else on Google.
> If you come up with a solution to this issue please keep me posted, I will
> do the same!