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You might check the blogs for the SQL Server Compact group members. I
remember a matrix showing which versions of the mobile software worked with
which SQL Server versions, but I don't have the link any more. Based on what
I can quickly find myself, it looks like you want to install "SQL Server CE"
client tools in order to use SQL Server 2000 from a Windows CE-based client.

Paul T.

"jason2s via" wrote:

> hi,
> i have removed all software from my pda and install again
> i have .net compaq framework 2.0 installed and he display a error a missing
> dll "dbnetlib.dll"
> them i install this file and that error donĀ“t appear
> again
> but i have the same problem again all the time that i try connect i saw the
> same error.
> can anyone give me a link of the cab files that is working for
> windows mobile 5 and for sql server 2000?
> thanks a lot for your help
> :)
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