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From: JD on
Its been quiet in here over the past few days so I thought I'd post this
however it isn't really a Question or an Answer for anything you may
want to skip it:

Unfortunately my CPU burnt out on Christmas eve, Intel Q6600 slightly
over-clocked from 2.4GHz to 2.7GHz, the main culprit was the crappy
stock HSF which got clogged up with dust and didn't cool properly.

So I was demoted to the media PC with wireless keyboard downstairs, I've
now got round to upgrading and I have a new i5 system I was going to go
for the i7 but the i5 is better value for money, the only main
difference being the hyper-threading (turns your 4 cores into 8) and the
new 1366 socket.

new system SPECS:
Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz (LGA 1156)
ASUS P7P55D iP55 Socket LGA 1156 Mobo
4GB (2x2Gb modules) DDR3 1600Mhz

Overall I'm pleased with the system, there are some nice new features on
the motherboard I haven seen before and hopefully they will be on all
future motherboards from this and hopefully other manufacturer's

POST state LED's - these are LED's beside the CPU, Memory, GFX Card and
HDD, A simple but brilliant idea, instead of getting out a post code
reader card or swapping bits around trying to figure out why your PC
wont boot these light up in order then go out, so if one stays on you
know where the problem is.

There's also a MemOK button that tunes incompatible memory so that the
pc will boot.

There's also a lot of power saving features included on the board giving
full control over CPU, Memory, and Fan speed's however you need to load
special software to manage this from the desktop which I'm no big fan of
I'd far prefer you turn this on or off from the BIOS and set the profile
there (Auto tune, MAX, Normal, Low saving, Med saving, Max savings etc)

Happy new year all!
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