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Han <nobody(a)nospam.not> wrote:
> "Bobt" <Inforebco(a)> wrote in news:1162122492.539823.182260

>> I opened the file and it was NOT read only marked. Any other
>> suggestions ?

> The only other possibility (I think) is that you have changed the
> permissions/security settings, but why that would only affect the
> descmap.pce file, I don't know.

Descmap.pce files are created in the temp directory, then transferred to
the data directory. They end up inheriting their permissions from the temp
directory, not the data directory. If there are multiple users, that can
cause a problem since Windows likes to give each user his own private temp

> With Eudora off (not running at all, exit the application), you could
> rename the file to somthing else (descmap.old for instance). In my test it
> was regenerated when I next started Eudora, with apparently no ill effects.

Better yet, just delete the file. Eudora checks and recreates it when you
start it whether or not it is already there. Note that you may have more
than one descmap.pce file. If you have folders in Eudora, there will be
one descmap.pce file per folder in addition to the one in your main data

If the problem isn't with the permissions, it may be that the file in
question is damaged and not properly accessible. Running a disk-checking
program to look for hard drive issues like cross-linked files or file
structure problems would be a good idea if you can't find any other
explanation for this problem.