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Charles wrote:
> I did a system recovery on my pc an now i cant do anything, a pop up
> come's up at the main screen an it says (CODE PURPLE) I CANT CLOSE
> THE POP UP. or do anything else but turn my pc off. please help me
> any won.

From the following site I found several solutions:

Don't know if they will work or not. Please read all comments and
suggestions first and make up your own mind.
It sounds like the motherboard is not being recognized properly by the
Compaq re

One was to remove the motherboard battery for several minutes.(Shut down,
remove battery, wait, reinstall battery and reboot).

The other was:

"To access the "C:" drive to rename the file:
1. Boot the system with a Win Xp Original Disk.
2. When you have to select "Enter" to reload or "R" for Recovery Console
select "R".
3. Select the "H:\minint" Drive to bring up the System
4. At the "H:\minint" prompt, change to the "C:" prompt
5. Change directory to the "C:\hp\bin\configcheck"
6. Rename the file with the command "ren run.p_"
7. Reboot the machine and there should be no "Code Purple" error."


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