From: Marc Emrich on
I used to see an indicator (icon?) in the bottom right hand corner of
my outlook when a send/receive was active. It was small and not a
window. Now a window opens every time and it is very annoying. I
receive a couple of hundred emails daily, so I have an auto send
receive going on every couple of minutes. If the box pops up while I
am typing. (Like I am doing now for instance.) It will interrupt my
action. I must have done something to change the indicator to the
window, but I cannot figure out what I did. Nothing in the send
receive options in tools seems to work. It is especially annoying when
there is an email problem with my ISP and it will pop up every 15
seconds or so. I will disable send -receive then but that is not a
long term acceptable solution. I truly appreciate any help and I hope
that I have adequately explained my problem.