From: Peter Huebner on
In article <8an3k5hckqr3bmoip738n5d4883fl3ga66(a)>, docnews2011 says...
> Consider buying a full frame Canon body to get the very best out of
> the Zeiss glass and to retain the lenses' original designed field of
> view. I used two Canon EOS 5D bodies for several years for wedding,
> portrait and general photography and still own one of them. The 5D is
> full frame and has 12 MP. There is a Mark II model with 18 MP but the
> original model can be found used at very competitive prices and is a
> fine, reliable camera.
> The most important accessory is a top quality focusing screen that is
> optimised for manual focus use. The KatzEye screen is the most
> popular, and it is excellent. Focusing is very easy with the
> traditional split image "rangefinder" spot and a microprism collar
> that surrounds it.

Riiiight ... ok. I see what you're saying about the focussing screen,
nifty that somebody makes such a thing. I had thought previously that my
best (only realistic) option would be to go with an Oly 620 or the
Panasonic counterpart since the micro3/4 don't have a mirror nor, one
conjectures, a focussing screen. The focussing screens open the vista
considerably in terms of what bodies might be used afaict.

Historically I'm the sort of guy who used to go back a distance and use
a tripod, tele lens with HP5 pushed to somewhere between 1800 and 3600
to extend DOF so I could get near and far objects in focus as
counterpoint and achieve almost grainy, high contrast photos. I've done
other work ... insects were a fascination of mine for instance. But
mostly looong shots in low light. Also had a Leica M3 as a walk-around.
Sadly it died while I left it with the parents for a decade or two...

Reading about the Oly 620, it seems that it has a processing mode that
will try to achieve that kind of style ... and getting my 200mm Tessar
to reach out like a 400 on 35mm film seems very attractive to me. (Hope
I'm not fooling myself there).

Of course, I'd trade in the shallow DoF and I'd have to get some short
fast lenses, I currently have a 26 or 28mm Distagon, not sure without
going for the box. But I'm unlikely to do studio type things ever again
anyway, I lost access to that ~30 years ago (used to have a couple of
pro friends with a full setup back when I was living in Hamburg).

Do you think focussing off the sensor without something like the KatzEye
would be a problem on a 3" screen? Seriously, I am just not sure.

I've decided to put this project on the back burner for the time being,
because getting the parts when you're living 5 miles beyond the black
stump in lil' ole New Zealand will be a time consuming project. We may
go to visit Norte America some time later this year or next ... and we
may have visitors coming from Europe, I shall have to get this all clear
in my head what will or won't work and get the parts together after the
planning phase. I think the micro3/4 to ya/con converters are made in
Germany for instance. Unavailable here. Canon ones might be more readily
had, I'll have to dig.

So your input is highly valued in terms of helping me build a roadmap.

For the meantime, I've just ordered an sx20-is to go and goof around and
try to get my eye in again. But that's not where it's going to stay at,
one way or the other.

thanks -P.