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>>"glee" wrote
>> Use the .vbs script available for download on this page: Error "The
>> specified module could not be found" while using the User Accounts
>> applet
> Thank you ! This script actually worked and fixed it perfectly. I
> was sceptical
> since I had already found and ran some regsvr32 bla bla files that did
> not fix it.
> Ramesh also has a lot of other good stuff at his site.

Glad it worked for you.

I saw you were discussing your wireless config utility in this thread,
and could not imagine what it would have to do with your posted problem.
However if you're looking to replace the 3rd party wireless utility with
Windows Native utility, it must be either uninstalled or disabled. If
you cannot find a way to disable it in the program, and there is no
listing in Add or Remove Programs to uninstall it, contact the provider
of the utility for instructions.

Yes, Ramesh has a lot of fixes and tips on his's always a
good site to check.
Glen Ventura, MS MVP Oct. 2002 - Sept. 2009