From: Hameed on
synonmys option is not highlighting
From: VanguardLH on
Hameed wrote:

> synonmys option is not highlighting

You spell checking isn't working, too.

Since this is a Word feature, ask the folks in a Word newsgroup. When you
ask there, they will probably want to know WHICH version of Word that you
are using. They'll probably also want to know what exact steps you perform
to get the suggestions for synonyms.

Did you try using the Tools -> Language -> Thesaurus menu to open the
Research pane (what it's called in Word 2003, don't know what version you
have). When you highlight a word in the Word document, right-click, and use
the Synonyms -> Thesaurus context menu, does the Research pane appear?

Which book are you using in the drop-down listbox at the top of the Research