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On Jul 25, 3:26 am, Robert Klemme <shortcut...(a)> wrote:
> On 07/24/2010 08:06 PM, francogrex wrote:

> > Eventually I could SELECT INTO a table in an
> > external database. But I am using ODBC to
> > connect to the ORACLE server and I don't have
> > any local ORACLE database I can select into.
> Here's another option: create your own instance on a different system
> and copy the data via Data Pump or a database link.  Then you can create
> indexes etc. in your own copy of the DB.  Update efficiency is still an
> issue.  But if this is a one off operation then this approach might be
> feasible.
> Kind regards

Adding a little to that, if your data and processing requirements are
"small" enough, use XE on your local system. See the docs for the
limitations. Besides its own tools, it is a full Oracle environment
so you can grab the data in several ways depending on how much access
you have to the server. I bet your ODBC access definition has enough
information to make a dblink or tnsnames, if you can't just log onto
the server and export. And if you are using ODBC, I suspect your
requirements are "small" enough.

-- is bogus.

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