From: Horst Heinrich Dittgens on
> If you are looking to write desktop apps, you will need to give more
> information as to what you want to do, bearing in mind that most versions
> of windows support standard touchscreens (they appear as mice) and Win7
> (at least) supports multitouch screens.

Yes, I want to write for tablet PCs which don't have a keyboard.

But of course, if finger touchdowns are interpreted as mouse clicks and data
entry via virtual keyboard is sent as keyboard input then there should be no
problem to run a standard desktop program on such a tablet PC running
Windows. Thanks for your info.

From: Karl E. Peterson on
Dee Earley wrote:
> On 27/04/2010 19:45, Karl E. Peterson wrote:
>> Dee Earley wrote:
>>> On 27/04/2010 12:42, Horst Heinrich Dittgens wrote:
>>>> Would like to adapt my shareware to these new touchpad handhelds (I hope
>>>> I find one running Windows), but how can I develop for and simulate a
>>>> touchpad device on a standard desktop PC in VB6? And, if possible, can
>>>> this be done also under VISTA instead of Win7? Any hints appreciated.
>>>> Thanks, HHD.
>>> In VB6? very unlikely.
>>> You either need to look to C (MFC I think) or .net to work on any of
>>> the modern Windows mobile devices.
>> Oh puhleeze...
> VB6 apps were supported on old WinCE devices and I thought they dropped
> support years ago, but may be wrong.
> If you can point me at a reference that says VB6 support for modern Windows
> mobile devices works fine, I'll happily change what I said.

I'm not aware of a device that's "running Windows" where VB apps don't
run, but I could be wrong on that count as well. Nothing I said
matters, of course, if VB doesn't run on the device. Most tablets run
dirt standard Windows, though, right?

> (This is not evangalism as I abhor all the bitching, I'm just giving an
> answer to what I saw as the question)

The question, as I saw it, was interacting with a touchscreen.

..NET: It's About Trust!

From: Horst Heinrich Dittgens on
> What do you mean, "touch pad?" If you mean a touch screen, with gestures
> (so-called, multi-touch), you need .NET and Silverlight (as of today).
> If you just mean to use "touch" as a replacement for a mouse, then just
> install the appropriate driver and go for it.

Thank you - I didn't realize the difference between "touch" and "gesture".
If I don't need gestures (even if the device supports it) I shouldn't need
..NET and Silverlight. Then I only have to find a tablet device capable of
running Win97, Vista or XP.

From: Nobody on
Try searching MS web site for "Embedded Visual Studio". There was version
3.0 that included Embedded VB, but some say there are difficulty in
installing or running software in later versions of Windows CE.

What I see as current, is Embedded Visual C++ 4.0, which is free. I
recommend that you download it even if you don't want to use it, in case the
download link is gone(Don't forget to make a note of the CD key at the
bottom of the download page). There are VB6 to C++ converters out there, but
not free.

Embedded Visual C++ 4.0:

I have seen links to download Tablet PC emulators, perhaps it's included in
the above product, or as some part of SDK. These allows you to test your
software without needing a physical Tablet PC.

Finally, you may want to ask in a group that is dedicated to Windows CE
development. There are several groups. Look for groups with "windowsce" in
the name.