From: Armin Zingler on
Am 01.06.2010 22:23, schrieb aaron:
> I basically have a 2008 solution that I need to make changes to. I am
> trying to determine how this solution (.sln file) is setup. There is no
> documentation.
> When I compile this application is debug mode, it needs lots of files. If I
> compile the .sln file in 'release' mode, the application compiles with a few
> warnings.
> Basically I am trying to determine how this .sln is setup beofre I make
> any changes to it.

And you should make a backup before changing it. ;-)

First thing you can check are the properties of the solution.
Single startup project? Multiple startup projects?

On the project dependencies page (
you can see on which other project each project depends on. Usually these
are the referenced projects. You can also see them if you open the
project's properties and select the "references" tab.

> Why would buidling in release mode versus debug mode make a difference?

It depends on the differences. ;) I mean: you see the differences
by opening the project properties, then you can switch back and forth
between the configurations in the combobox at the top (availabe
on the "Compile" and "Debug" page) to see what's different. On the
"Compile" page, there's also the button "Advanced compile options"
at the bottom. These settings are also configuration dependent.

Are you referring to the warnings you only get with release configuration?
Which kind of warnings?

> Does it make sense to add a reference to a .dll file in release mode but not
> in debug mode?

The references are not set on a per configuration basis.

BTW, be aware that this group (and all other microsoft.public newsgroups)
will be closed within the next days, weeks or month, as announced for
a few weeks.