From: Cat 22 on
J G Miller wrote:

> On Sun, 04 Jul 2010 19:06:18 -0400, David W. Hodgins wrote:
>> Then why does it have the -X option?
> Apologies I had overlooked that.
> If vim *is* compiled with the HAVE_X11 option, then you can run vim
> (not gvim) as an X11 program in a separate window with the -g
> option.
> But in this case, Cat 22 has already
> stated that he/she
( my geneology: _ )
> is running
> vim in a terminal and not in a separate GUI, so any
> RESOURCE_MANAGER settings will not apply as I stated.
>> Did you look at the output I suggested? On my system ... $ xrdb
>> -query|grep Vim
> And those settings will only apply to a separate Vim window when
> vim is invoked with -g, not when it is running in a terminal.
>> The reason I thought of this, was that I found out that the xrdb
>> settings do affect my web browser, opera (for anti-aliasing).
> Yes, that is correct. It all depends on the particular
> application, and which XRESOURCE_MANAGER settings or applications
> default file settings they bother to read and use.
>> I don't know if KDE and Gnome read the settings at start up, but
>> they do alter the settings, for applications that use them.
> In *general* GNOME and KDE programs do not consult
> application default files settings. GNOME applications uses the
> gtkrc
> settings for colors and style. KDE uses the equivalent files in
> the kde directory tree.

From: Cousin Stanley on

> I have this in my ~/.vimrc but no matter what colors i choose below
> nothing changes when i restart vim (in console, not gui)
> ....

The following lines in the .vimrc file
enable syntax colors for me under debian linux ....

:syntax enable

:colorscheme name_of_scheme

where name_of_scheme.vim is a file
in the /usr/share/vim/vim72/colors dir ....

Stanley C. Kitching
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Phoenix, Arizona

From: Peter D. on
on Mon, 5 Jul 2010 07:05
in the Usenet newsgroup alt.os.linux.mandriva
Cat 22 wrote:

> I have this in my ~/.vimrc but no matter what colors i choose below
> nothing changes when i restart vim (in console, not gui)
> What i really want to do, is change the search highlighting colors
> but until i can get them to change i cant experiment with the color
> selection.
> if has("syntax")
> syntax on " Syntax highlighting
> endif

Which syntax? There are rather a lot to choose from.

> highlight search ctermbg=green ctermfg=yellow
> I also tried
> :highlight search ctermbg=green ctermfg=yellow
> :highlight search cterm=Bold ctermbg=green ctermfg=yellow
> from within vim but nothing seems to change

:set all
to see what is going on.

> Another oddity, is vim isnt using my ~/.vimrc unless i specify
> vim -u ~/.vimrc <filename>

There are lots of places that vim can be configured. What is
in /etc/vim/ ?

> BTW: i cant find an official document detailing the settings in
> .vimrc - is there such a thing around anywhere?

Yes, lots.

Inside vim type, :help

Outside vim type, man vim, or urpmi vimguide.

> system: mandriva 2010.0 x86_64
> vim: version 7.2.259
> Thanks
> Cat22

Peter D.
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From: Loki Harfagr on
Mon, 05 Jul 2010 22:29:21 +1000, Peter D. did cat :

> Inside vim type, :help

Inside vim it is too dark to type ,-)

use 'vim -u NONE' and be happy forever after ;-)