From: Deviant Jerry on
DAMN!! I might have to go to work for MicroFlacid after this week!
After about 125 hours (seriously), exhaustive research, trial and error, a
little intuition, about 30 double martinis, and very little sleep... I got my
system to work after having the same problem described here!

I'm way too tired to describe every step in great detail, but here's the
bottom line:

1. Install parallel system. I installed "Windows XP Pro" on the same drive
as my failed "XP Home Edition" (drive C). I installed to the same partition,
but used a different root folder (I used "WINDOWSP" instead of the original
"WINDOWS" folder). It may be possible to install on another partition, but
I'm not sure.

2. Log on to the new install (I'll keep referring to it as "WindowsP") and
change your permissions to "owner" and "administrator" for the new "WindowsP"
install, then also for the original "Windows" install. I think you then have
to add yourself to the "ADNINISTRATORS" (with sn "S") "GROUP". You'll have to
research how to do that yourself, 'cause I'm just to burnt to go into that
right now.
I THINK that's what will now give you access to BOTH Windows instances in
the Recovery Console. I THINK.

3. Find at least a COUPLE of backups in in the "System Volume Information"
folder. The folder is hidden, but the article I mention in step #8 (below)
talks about how to deal with that.

4. Restart the computer in Recovery Console with a install CD (I used my XP
PRO disk because i didn't have anoriginal Home Edition disk).

5. Logon to the "WindowsP" (option #2). If you type "HELP" you'll see a list
of Recovery Console options. Hopefully, one of the options you see is "SET".

6. Type "SET /HELP" for ways to use the "SET" option. Now, if you type "SET
/AllowAllPaths = True" (or something like that - according to the help list),
it should give you access to ALL the files on your C drive, including the
previously inaccessible "Windows" folder.

7. Change to the "Windows" directory by typing "cd C:\WINDOWS".

8. From there, follow the instrictions here:;en-us;307545
(You can also search for article # 307545 to find the instructions).
Follow the instructions EXACTLY in the order presented, only excluding the
parts you might need to, like the the things you've already done, etc.

9. Bingo! You should be able to get into Recovery Console, replace your
REGISTRY keys, get into your original Windows applications, make changes,
then operate as normal.

I was no Windows expert a week ago, but I think I probably am by now. 'Cept
i don't think i ever want to look at a compter again in my life.

Good Luck!