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>thank you so much Ron! no I couldn't find that email/reply - thank you - no
>I have not installed any new hardware whatsoever - however I did go to
>Microsoft's page and installed the recommended updates....

There seems to be a bit of a rash of these STOP 0x0000008E errors
recently, but I can't find any common factors so it may just be a

We need to find out what item (Windows component, driver, etc) is
using address 0x8056a13c

On some systems the PSTAT utility may already be present. Check this
by opening a Command Prompt window (Start - Run - CMD) and entering
the following command:


If PSTAT is not on your computer you can download it free from
Microsoft. The download is called "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Support
Tools" and it is available from
With PSTAT installed on your computer the next step is to open a
Command Prompt window again (Start - Run - CMD) and generate a report
with PSTAT. Because you need to copy part of the information from
this report (and only part) it is best to create the report as a text
file. In the Command Prompt window enter the following command:


You may change C:\JUNK\ to whatever drive and folder that you want to
save the report into.

Now open the saved file in Notepad. Start - Run - NOTEPAD

Scroll down the file, about 80% of the way to the end of the file and
you will find a head line:

ModuleName Load Addr Code Data Paged LinkDate

It is the information from this line to the end of the file that we
want to copy from this file and save as a separate file. Select the
block of text and copy it to the clipboard. Open a new notepad window
and paste the clipboard contents into it. Save this file under a
different name. I use PSTAT2.TXT and put it into the same C:\JUNK

Now launch Microsoft Excel and use File - Open to bring the PSTAT2.TXT
file into Excel. Excel will automatically parse the file into
columns. Once this is done use DATA - SORT to sort the entire
spreadsheet based on the value in Column B (Load Addr).

It is now a simple task to read down the addresses until you find the
last value that is less than the address where the error occurred.
That module (name in column A) is the prime suspect for the cause of
your error.

Note: If you do not have Microsoft Excel available then you can email
the PSTAT2.TXT file to me as an attachment and I will check it out.

Good luck

Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada
Microsoft MVP (1997 - 2006)
On-Line Help Computer Service
Syberfix Remote Computer Repair

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