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"Bill" <Bill(a)> wrote in message
> David,
> Just a thought.....
> If this is a problem of the Graphics Filter, would the problem carry over
> into Word ? (Word 2003 from the same Office installation).
> If so, then we are barking up the wrong tree as Word docs with jpegs are
> displaying just fine.

Hard to say, because the documentation is contradictory, and Lebans is
no longer working in Access. But most of Office only needs the JPEG
graphics filter (a .flt file) when doing some kinds of import/export, or
with some kinds of JPEG, or working with JPEG with the right/wrong file
extension (.jpg/JPG/jpeg/JPEG). Seeing the same problem would be definitive:
not seeing the same problem is only indicative.

We are probably looking at the failure or different behaviour of one
API call, so no, a problem with your Graphics Driver would not be system-
-wide. It could be a problem only with applications that depend on that
particular API in one particular way (that is, unusual behaviour in Access
matching a bug in the graphics driver). Actually, this is the normal
of graphics driver bugs: if it showed up everywhere, it would have been
fixed. But that's the normal behaviour of all bugs: If it's a bug in Access
showed up everywhere it would have been fixed.

Windows will sometimes substitute fonts if the correct font is not
so for your font problem you need to check that the font displays correctly
in some other program.

I haven't come up with any new ideas for fixing this. You can try installing
the extra office filter pack, try using one of the Lebans filters, try using
OLE object, try changing your graphics driver, but it's all just 'trying'.
from the DPI, there is no obvious fix.


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