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> Phil Allison wrote:
>> "geoff" <geoff(a)>
>>> Yes, the 'headroom' ascertion seems a bit odd to me too.
>>> It would be nice to know exactly how this apparent failing actually
>>> manifests.
>> ** The XTA DP226 displays a parameter called "Headroom".

>> Obviously allows one to tell immediately if a new input IC is up to
>> scratch or not .....

Not so much.

> Not from what I read. - it's not some sort of internal self-test of
> levels at all.

> From the descriptions of the various instances of 'headroom' in the
> manual, they are simply level indications/warnings wrt max unclipped
> output level.

> But I only had time to skim the manual and as usual you are doubtlessly
> right.

I found two mentions. They lead me to believe that they relate to unclipped
input level, which varies depending on how the built-in limiting is set.

No way do they indicate subtle aspects of op amp performance.