From: Chuckg on
Chuckg wrote:
> And now, the point is entirely moot.
> Something else failed (it's a long story) and I had to do a format and
> clean reinstall. We shall see if the problems recur.

Which they did -- reoccur, that is. On a clean reinstall. Where I
had done absolutely nothing to the ATI Catalyst drivers except install
once, leave alone. Didn't even set up separate gamma profiles this

Halo: Combat Evolved, OTOH, doesn't even notice. Alt-Tab in and out
while it's running, even, no worries.

So, apparently it was never a graphics card issue in the first place,
but a KOTOR I/II compatibility issue.

*bangs forehead on desk*

Ladies and gentlemen, if my past few days of futility are going to be
worth anything, at least them let be worth something as an object
lesson of how not to diagnose. Specifically, what happens when you
fail to check an assumption.


From: puke-izoid on
On Fri, 08 Sep 2006 18:59:26 GMT, me/2 <null(a)> wrote:

>Microsoft has updated DirectX 9.0c numerous times without changing the
>actual version number. The latest update I have to DirectX was
>released in April, 2006 (long after SP2) and is still called 9.0c.
>There may even be a newer 9.0c by now. So you might want to take a
>little trip to Microsoft and get the latest one.

LOL. What a great company. Screws up their revision system and
does a complete scan of your computer before allowing download. You
probably need active x for scan/download too ? I didn't get that
far. Nothing to worry about, just read their privacy policy and
their happy face pledge to you.