From: Nix on
On 31 Jan 2007, ge0ge told this:
> Nix wrote:
>> You need the X development packages (wherever it is that
>> /usr/include/X11/xpm.h is kept in your distro).
>> ... only, you should have failed compilation earlier, in that case, with
>> the message
>> source/plugin-ui.cpp:49: error: libXpm has not been found. Compilation cannot continue
>> I'd recommend compiling that file with -E and looking at the
>> preprocessed output to see if xpm.h is being pulled in, and if it is,
>> what's wrong with it.
> I located the xpm.h file but thought I'd run 'make' again and check
> the output more carefully to see if there were any previous error as
> you suggested. However make stopped at some other place (can't
> remember what now).
> So I decided to re-run configure first. It said it could not find
> gtk+-2.0.pc (I could not find this file with Mandriva distro but
> fortunately I also had fedora core. Found a copy there and added it to
> the PKG_CONFIG_PATH). Now it is saying - checking for

It'll be in the gtk-*-dev* package (i.e. with a name something like
that: it varies by distro and I've never used Mandriva).

> MOZPLUG... Package mozilla-plugin was not found in the pkg-config
> search path. Perhaps you should add the directory containing
> `mozilla-plugin.pc' to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable Look
> like I need to get the mozilla-devel package

Or the firefox-devel, or something like that.

> All in all, this is getting too time consuming ... I'm giving up. I
> wished the developers would package all dependencies in the tar
> ball.

That would be totally nonmanageable: Mozilla's quite large :)

> I just want the mantra configure - make - make install.

If you always install the -dev packages, that's what you get. (That's
one of the advantages of from-source distros like gentoo as well: you
*know* that things will compile on your system, because they all were.)

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