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> On Thu, 17 Jun 2010 12:55:43 -0500, John H Meyers
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>>On 6/17/2010 5:47 AM:
>>> Since ALL of the inbox, outbox and trash box is loaded into memory
>>> when Eudora starts, the chances of corruption of either the mbx or
>>> toc files for those boxes increase exponentially if they aren't
>>> emptied once in a while.
>>TOC size tends to grow with the number of messages, rather than their
>>sizes, but a large MBX file tends usually also to be accompanied by a
>>large TOC file, "deleted" MBX messages also contribute to more
>>frequent compacting, and the amount of available memory and its
>>exposure risk varies by computer and OS, so as a rule of thumb, we can
>>just say "avoid accumulating a lot of mail" in these mailboxes,
>>without precisely defining "a lot of mail" :)
> So are you guys saying it's a bad idea to compact mailboxes
> frequently? I do it fairtly often, usually after moving or deleting
> big blocks of mail. Should I not do this?

IMO, you should compact often. Also, I think you should keep backups
(make sure they are correctly dated).

You in this case means anyone and everyone.

Best regards
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