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>, and
>all seem to lead to the same client instructions for email:
>Repeating info found in a thread already mentioned:
>Port 995 with SSL -> SSL:"Required, Alternate Port"
>Port 587 with TLS -> "Allow auth" + "Use 587" + SSL:"StartTLS" (either one)
>(The "Use 587" check box appears in Eudora and later,
>of course the latest is the best:
>"User name: Email address (e.g: jsmith(a) or jsmith(a)"
>[the forum user who didn't succeed had not followed this instruction]
>For $6/month you can subscribe to "PC Care" from Bell,
>which claims to even give support for Eudora:
>Apparently you can subscribe, ask for help with Eudora, then cancel,
>thus obtaining all the support you need for only a one-time $6 fee,
>unless the support they have to offer is only the equivalent of
>"here's the Eudora site address, go there for answers" :)


The trouble with these certificate thingees is that they are valid
just long enough for someone who is not a complete nerd to forget what
they are and how you get a new one when the old one is expired!

Mine had expired and it wasn't till now that I had the time to look at
my Eudora to see what happened.

I remembered there was a log file, and a quick perusal told me the

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