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> In news:2yOSg.168012$FQ1.56043(a)attbi_s71 the killer robot "Ricky Hunt"
> <rhunt22(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship
> and pressed these buttons...
>> FM7 is good. There was a fantastic freeware one that got taken off the
>> market that was indistinguishable to my ears from the DX7. I use it.
> What was it called? Exact name of the executable if you know it. ;)

CuteVST was the GNU project. Hexter is the name of the plugin. You can read
about it here ( and why it was removed
(which sounds like a small technicality). If I could do his solution to make
it fit the GNU license I would just to get the plugin back out there. I told
Malachi (I think it was him) about it and he got it just right before they
pulled it. I sent him some examples of a patch played on a real DX7 and in
the same patch (via sysex) in Hexter and they were practically
indistinguishable from one another (once you turn the effects off, which are
on by default and which I don't care for, in Hexter).

Hexter is a VST so the file is "Hexter.dll". The actual executable for the
installer is called "". So with
that in mind you might want to download this:
from a mirrored archive. You can find a buttload (literally thousands) of
patches for the DX7 (which can be imported into Hexter) here and on the
links on the page:

Just remember to turn off the effects section of Hexter first and you'll
really have an incredible DX7 softsynth clone for free. I really ought to
start a webpage "The Frugal Recordist".

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"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
> I'll prolly just get the FM7 and be done with it, cuz I'm mainly
> interested
> in getting a couple of banks from my old DX7 available for recording
> again,
> and I'm pretty sure that the FM7 will be able to do that well enough.

I seriously urge you to try Hexter before putting out your money. If someone
here has FM7 and someone else a real DX7 I'd like to hear how the same patch
on FM7, DX7, and Hexter compare.

From: Alan B on
I gotta buddy who was looking to sell his DX7(IIFD I think) and went to
power it up and most of the buttons don't work...........hehehe........too
long in the basement. He says he's gonna just chuck it. Anyone want to pay
shipping, and I'll give it away? If you want to open it up and try and
repair. Email me at iplayjazzpianoREMOVETHIS(a)

From: Ted Perlman on
<who's got the best DX7 softsynth>

Native Instruments' FM7 wins hands down over all. It even let me load my
TX81Z patches in addition to ALL my years of DX7 patches. I use it all the
time. Rob Papen has some amazing patches for the FM7 that take it to even a
higher level.


Ted Perlman

From: bobhug on

"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
>Makes for sounds you can smack on, almost like drums or something. ;)

Except musical ;>O!


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