From: Ottmar Freudenberger on
"ybS2okj" <ybS2okj(a)> schrieb:

> You are the only one to blame yourself. Microsoft patches are a complete
> and utter waste of time and you can stop them by going to Security Centre
> and turning off Automatic Updates. I don't get any updates and so my system
> is as secure as possible.

That's plain BS and you're aware of that. Do you really think, that running
your avast! toy does resolve the security issues which are *needed* to be
fixed with updates?

> There is no evidence that Microsoft updates are making computers any safer.


> If at all, people's machines are becoming less safer because of these
> patches. For example only a few days ago "Gordon" complained that his
> system is ridden with viruses and he was blaming me for not patching my
> system. Apparently, if I don't patch my system, he is the one who gets
> viruses!!. Now this is bizarre!!.

Have you ever heard about Bot nets? Obviously not.

> I have therefore, concluded that it is the M$ patches making his system
> weaker.

I have the strong impression that "not only" your unpatched Windows XP SP3
is weak.

From: PA Bear [MS MVP] on
Do you think MS chose to do this? Do you ever read a newspaper or listen to
the news?

bigbo wrote:
> Hi Barrowhill
> I have just received the same update and have to say that I strongly
> object
> to new software being installed on my machines in this manner. I too have
> the browsers I want, already installed.
> I cannot find it in Add/Remove programs, rolling back to a checkpoint
> before
> the update does not work.
> To my mind this is akin to my machine being hacked and therefore must be
> illegal
> Anyone else feel the same?
> Anyone from Microsoft willing to comment?
> "barrowhill" wrote:
>> Today, an update was applied that on opening IE onstartup gives me the
>> option to install numerous other browsers. I don't want to as already
>> installed those I want and I cannot find anyway to stop this page opening
>> again. Help.....I'd like to remove this update or switch off browser
>> choice screen but suspect that EU forced this issue on all of us. What
>> can I do ???????

From: PA Bear [MS MVP] on
On Wed, 24 Feb 2010 10:44:33 +1300, Harry Johnston [MVP] wrote:
> Looks like this is legit:
> <>
> (Gee, thanks for the heads up, MS!)

The Browser Choice Screen for Europe: What to Expect, When to Expect It (19
February 2010)