From: John Hurley on
On Mar 26, 5:10 pm, "Jonathan Lewis" <jonat...(a)>


> Thanks for that.
> I think your comments match the degree of complexity that I had
> thought might be necessary.  I wonder if this means that people
> tend to write "simple" procedures that only output one type of
> record set, rather than the multiple types that the OP was asking
> about.

I have a funny feeling the OP may not be answering these questions.

It is easy asking why Oracle doesn't have something that a different
database apparently has. It gets more involved showing how exactly
one would use those strange features in a practical manner.

Maybe those types of procedures in SQL Server are used in some batch
manner and are just putting out data. In that case maybe the OP does
not understand the spool command in sqlplus?

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