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On 29 Jun 2005 07:16:26 -0700, "Sandro" <sdroamt(a)> wrote:

>Rick Lyons wrote:
>> This thread interests me because I don't know any
>> simple way to remove the DC portion of a signal in real
>> time. It seems to me that any digital IIR filter
>> method would induce some sort of unpleasant phase
>> nonlinearity.
>> It sounds like the "subtract the output of a
>> super-narrow (linear phase) lowpass filter from the
>> original signal" method should work.
>> I wonder if it does.
>> I wish I understood Matt Timmerman's method.
>Here's a nice xilinx document (TechXclusives) about
>removing DC offset...
>Digitally Removing a DC Offset (or "DSP Without Math?")
> Part 1: not Xilinx FPGA specific ;-)
> Part 2: how eficiently implement on Xilinx FPGAs

Hi Sandro,

Hey man, thanks for the URL.
I'll read the material there carefully in the next
day or two.


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