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> Does PC have multiple outputs ? so you watch on TV maybe ?
> Ballpark figures ...
> how many hours of movies ?
> How much disk space used ?
> How long to do it ?

I use DVD Fab. Takes about :30 to do a DVD. Takes about 7 GIG of space. I do
it because the computers have HDMI outputs. Makes a standard DVD look VERY
good on a Full HD TV. I had no idea how much loss there was using RCA cables
until I saw what happens when you use HDMI.
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>> or/&
> He has the DVD, its a Free Digital Copy, DVD Fab is not free nether is
> AoA, DVD fab is an excellent converter tho, can convert to mobile devices
> as well as rip DVD's
> JD

DVD Fab is what I bought. I had tried a couple other pay ones and one free
one. They pay ones I got my money back for. They often would not work. The
free one did work about half the time, and since it was free, I figured why
gripe. DVD Fab has worked every time. It was well worth the cost to lease it
for 2 years.
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