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Thanks guys,
I really appreciate all the help. After defrag I now have 72GB free.
Thanks again

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> Thanks I will work on this probably next weekend as this weekend would be
> too short notice and let you guys know.
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>> Hi Nik,
>> What I understood by your message is you have exchange database with 30
>> GB
>> ISFree space (white space) which also can be seen by filter event ID
>> 1221.
>> Now there is only 5 GB Free space left on the same drive.
>> If above things are correct then I would suggest;
>> Need temporary drive with capacity at least 110% of the exchange db file
>> to
>> keep temp defrag db file.
>> Can defrag the DB using eseutil /d <db path> /t <temp drive
>> letter>:\temp.edb
>> Feel free to revert in case of any query or confusion.
>> Regards,
>> Tarun Verma
>> "Nik" wrote:
>>> Guys,
>>> I have about 30GB of recoverable space on my database yet still my disk
>>> has
>>> on 5GB free.
>>> What is the best way to reclaim this space.
>>> Do i do an offline defrag? Based on what I read this would not do the
>>> trick
>>> sense since Exchange 2003SP2 handle the database differently.
>>> All suggestions welcome.
>>> Thanks
>>> .