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Re-Export NFS mounted directory?
Is there any way to re-export an nfs mounted directory? I have exported a directory (/home/backup) on the server and mounted it on a client at /home/backup: client# mount server:/home/backup /home/backup I have then exported a sub-directory, /home/backup/test, from the client to other machines. However, I ... 31 Dec 2007 13:11
SMTP error: 550 Administrative prohibition
I've lost e-mail, and so in desperation turn to news groups. In trying to configure my exim4 to use spamassassin, I apparently messed up the confituration somehow. At first, all downloaded messages were deleted as spam, and as I fiddled, fetchmail could not download messages because the mail server did not like ... 26 Dec 2007 11:50
Switch running System to RAID-1
Hi, I just figured that our complany's server was running on JBOD with 2 HDs, one of them entirely unused (d'oh!). Of course I would like to have it as RAID 1. Now, I built an Array from the HD in use and know how to make it bootable, but I suppose I have to make some changes to the boot-config before it will ... 22 Dec 2007 09:39
Strange ATA problems
Christoph Anton Mitterer wrote: Hi everybody. Today I've experienced a very strange problem. I have a CD/DVD drive connected via USB,... and while woking the system suddenly freezed (at least those processes that tried to access the hardsisk). Looking at dmesg it showed me this: ACPI: P... 20 Dec 2007 14:46
rsync to clone disk - Can it work? grub-install error
Hi all I install etch in hda then I add the hdc which have same partition but not same size in hda /dev/hda1 /boot /dev/hda2 /swap /dev/hda3 / i use rsync to copy data from hda to hdc I use fedora5 boot disk to boot. mount /boot and / and chroot to / but I got error to grub-install /dev/hda You sho... 10 Dec 2007 00:58
Curious file-permissions problem
Hi, I wonder if someone can throw some light on this file-permissions issue please? It came to light as rsync complained: rsync: failed to set times on "/var/www/mirror/foo/.": Operation not permitted (1) An strace revealed the failure is effectively a result of: cd /var/www/mirror/foo; touch -m . The di... 10 Dec 2007 00:56
grub boot problem with md
Hi all, I've got a Dell PowerEdge 830 that I've set up md raid1 on. grub was installed as part of the installation process and I recently installed grub on sdb with the following commands: grub> device (hd0) /dev/sdb grub> root (hd0,1) grub> setup (hd0) The root partition is 1 on both these drives (see fd... 25 Oct 2007 07:32
start-stop-daemon: how to pass environment variables to the daemon
Hi, On Fri, 13 Jul 2007 06:20:09 +0200 Dallas Clement wrote: On Fri, 2007-07-13 at 11:13 +0800, Yuwen Dai wrote: A daemon invoked by start-stop-daemon needs some extra enviroment variables. How to pass them to the daemon? Thanks in advance. I'm not sure if you meant environment variables o... 13 Jul 2007 05:25
How do I setup printer?
It's basic thing but I don't remember how to setup printer. In general user, I can't print any paper. I tried 'lpr' command for test, it gives about permission denied error. I checked the Debian/GNU Linux System Admin's manual. The printer setup section is blank. :-( In addition, how do I install a simple X-... 16 May 2007 00:36
IDL VM and Debian
Has anybody played with IDL VM During installation it asks: Web Servers have a default directory in which Java files are located. Please enter the directory where the Java files are located. (e.g. /usr/local/apache2/htdocs) Web Servers have a default directory in which CGI e... 26 Apr 2007 10:05
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