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2.6.14-2-386, missing thermal.ko and initrd
Hi everyone and happy new year :) Sometime over the weekend I had a power blip that shut ny debian sarge box down. When i booted it this morning i found this lovely message: Begin: Running /scripts/init-premount .... FATAL: Error inserting fan (/lib/modules/2.6.14-2-386/kernel/drivers/acpi/fan.ko): No such device FAT... 2 Jan 2007 10:29
uninplemented/unsuported functions ?
Hello What happen with some functions from php-gd extension : * imageconvolution * imagefilter * imageantialias not appearing in output of php --re gd and calling them from a php code, an error "Call to undefined function imageconvolution()" occur. Packages/version php5-gd 5.2.0-7... 30 Dec 2006 10:21
DansGuardian - Error connecting via IPC socket to log
Hello there! I have a server running DansGuardian on Debian Sarge with the kernel 2.6.8. After sometime running without trouble, he starts to send this message: Dec 19 06:30:01 preventis dansguardian: Error connecting via IPC socket to log Dec 19 06:30:01 preventis dansguardian: Error connecting via... 19 Dec 2006 13:15
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2.6.18 and ipw3945
hey folks, i'm running ubuntu edgy with a self-compiled 2.6.18 kernel on my dell latitude d820. I did the kernel compile because the standard kernel suspend wasn't working for me; suspend2 usually works great on this machine but is having a little trouble at the moment... anyway i've run into a little troub... 29 Sep 2006 05:21
CUPS hosed again?
On Wednesday 06 September 2006 19:37, Florian Kulzer wrote: On Wed, Sep 06, 2006 at 09:17:37 +0200, PD Dr.-Ing. C. Hurschler wrote: it seems as if in the last few days CUPS has been changed (broken!) again. After an apt-get dist-upgrade in etch I get "Parallel port busy; will retry in 30 seconds.... 7 Sep 2006 02:58
debian meets HP Proliant DL320
Hello there! If anyone is running Debian on an HP Proliant machine I would appreciate information about how to solve the problem that the "virtual keyboard / mouse" is registering as usb device in a neverending loop. My solution will look like: blacklisting the uhci_hcd module - but to be honest: I'm not to... 5 Sep 2006 09:22
driver for lexmark x3300 series
Howdy ,... i own lexmark x3330 printer and cups reconze it as lexmark series x3300 but i can't find any driver wich will make it work. after googling for almost two weeks i know that the driver for x3350 x3330 x3370 is the same driver. but i can't find it anywhere. plz help. -- To UNSUBSCRIBE, email ... 3 Aug 2006 10:53
ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eth1: link is not ready
The kernel log shows the message in the subject line among its startup messages. It also shows it if I do ifdown eth1 followed by ifup. DHCPDISCOVER from the card is failing; if I interpret the message the driver is not loading properly, so DHCP has no chance. My dhcp server isn't reporting any activity. Netwo... 30 Mar 2006 01:59
static route in /etc/network/interfaces won't take
Hey gang, I added some routes in /etc/network/interfaces: auto eth0 iface eth0 inet static address 10.x.y.z netmask broadcast 10.x.y.255 gateway 10.x.y.1 up /sbin/route add -net 10.a.b.0/16 gw 10.x.y.250 down /sbin/route del -net 10.a.b.0/16 gw 10.x.y.250 which fails to add any routes wh... 2 Mar 2006 05:30
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