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Why didn't I think of that? Sounds reasonably easy to incorporate, I'll
give it a go! I still find NPanorama interesting and will certainly be
looking into that too for other reasons.
Thanks for your interest.

On 30/01/2010 9:38 AM, OG wrote:
> "DD" <tobytoby50(a)> wrote in message
> news:4b627aa9$1(a)
>> Thank you for all the suggestions, I have looked at them all but
>> because I want to autopan the panorama I think the only suitable
>> program would be NPanorama. At first glance it seems that it will do
>> all I want to do! The need is to produce a file that will work in a
>> slideshow like Photodex Pro Show Producer, I think this may do the job!
>> I guess the best thing is that not only will it produce an AVI file,
>> it is FREE !!!!
>> Thanks again everybody and keep me in mind if other programs show up...
>> DD
> Why not just have the panorama slide in from the left or right? If its
> anything like Powerpoint it should slide in right across its full width.