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ken d wrote:
> I've got a better idea. Give your camera to a sighted person so they all
> won't have to do all this work for you.
> Make sure you credit everyone else who has ever created your photography
> for you. But I suppose you could list yourself as "the person who only held
> the fully-automated camera while firing off random snapshots in the general
> direction".
Goodbye, ken d

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>>>>>> Go with the last one of the four, but don't crop it at all on the
>>>>>> right. The
>>>>>> way you've got it costs you too much of the car.
>>>>>> Bob
>>>>> Thanks, Bob, I didn't realize I'd chopped part of the car off in that
>>>>> one. IrfanView lets me select a portion of the image by inputting
>>>>> numbers, but my screen reader doesn't tell me what field name goes with
>>>>> what data field, so I'm in the process of figuring out what happens
>>>>> when I punch in different number combos.
>>>>> I've redone it and uploaded one that should be a bit better. It's what
>>>>> I was aiming for with that last one.
>>>> Can we see the original un-cropped version? The only thing bugging me
>>>> here is Mitch's eye is near the middle of the frame no matter how I
>>>> crop.
>>> I've uploaded the original file, called MichByFastCar-FullSize.jpg, it
>>> should look like the IMG_4244.jpg pic, but hasn't been down-sized.
>> The first & fourth show more sky, totherwise they seem the same.
>> Your page source code shows these links:
>> (more sky)
>> (more sky)
>> Here's my crop from the first link:
>> I had to chop off all the harness, and rotated some.
>>> The position of Mich's head is the reason why I was looking for a better
>>> crop. As described to me, it sounds like Mich's head is right in the
>>> center. I thought that cropping off the top, would at least raise his
>>> head above the horizontal center-line, although leaving the width
>>> untouched still leaves his head centered left to right.
>>> Bob's suggestion to cut a bit off the left addressed that issue, but
>>> trying to leave a bit of harness showing limits how much it can be moved
>>> side-to-side.
>>> It's one of those shots that gives me the affect I'm after, but the
>>> positioning of the elements is awkward.
>>> I'll probably do a few more shoots and see if I can shift Mich a bit to
>>> the right at time of capture. But, I'm afraid that will leave the car
>>> either looking too far away to keep the drama up, or else will reduce the
>>> significance of Mich at the expense of a huge automobile.
>>> What do you think?
>> Wider zoom, so he's huge and the car is small, and he's off to the side.
>> Also the position of the horizon relative to his face is important, though
>> I'm not sure what's best, I kind of like the way that relationship works
>> at his eye level and the car's level. But maybe more drama with his head
>> against the sky, looking up at him.
> The widest I can zoom out to is 18mm, and I think that one was at 23mm, so
> I've only got a little more width I can add to the angle. But, I'll give it
> a try.

It should be noticeable. Could introduce other effects but an
interesting and perhaps useful exercise.

> Also, I'll try pulling the camera in a bit and shifting it down and in
> towards his front leg. Hopefully, that will bring Mich over to the left (if
> I swivel the lens a bit to the right) enough to increase his size and shrink
> the car a bit, without pushing the car too far off into the distance.
> Trying to get Mich's head up in the sky is going to be a challenge, but I
> think you're right. With the light sky behind him, his lines should look
> more stark, hopefully accentuating his sense of concentration.
> If I can pull everything together, do you think the result will be suitable
> for BW? Or, is colour the way to go?

The color looks fine on this. I don't know if a low angle will work but
figured that's the type of idea that's useful for you. I hope it works!

Paul Furman

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