From: Paul Heslop on
gumby wrote:
> On 19/05/2010 12:47 AM, Paul Heslop wrote:
> > it's for Japan only, which means they believe that Japanese people
> > will buy anything :O)
> So long as it is cute the Japanese will buy it. I think they need to
> stick a pink 'Hello Kitty' sticker on it too though.

:O) true true!
Paul (we break easy)
Stop and Look
From: GregS on
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That would fit my clown costume exactly.

From: Ofnuts on
On 19/05/2010 05:32, RichA wrote:

What we need is a camo camera...

From: Paul Furman on
Mr. Strat wrote:
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> <551473dc-8efc-48e5-9565-ab54de8cecb3(a)>,
> RichA <rander3127(a)> wrote:
>> ews_297856.html
> Should go over well in San Francisco...

Wrong kind of rainbow, I think it begs for a carry bag like these:
From: RichA on
On May 19, 3:45 am, Bob Williams <mytbobnos...(a)> wrote:
> RichA wrote:
> >
> Now that's really innovation........NOT
> Can you just imagine a bunch of marketing managers sitting around a
> table listening to a guy discuss his new million dollar idea......and
> approving it?
> Bob Williams

Why didn't they take it to its limit? Mix up a back of polycarbonate
of all colours, then cast it before it fully mixed!!