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>> As I said I'm not conversant with Vista, but
>> Knoppix
>> has a command to repair the file structure of XP
>> disks, normally NTFS partitions.
>> Last time I used it it could read NTFS but not
>> write,
>> still OK for grabbing your data, and maybe the
>> later
>> distros can write as well.
>> Maybe the command will work with Vista but I'm not
>> sure.
>> It's something like "fixntfs" or "fixxp", but I
>> can't
>> recall at the moment, google should work.
> I have a bootable non-installing Knoppix 5.1 DVD
> from the cover of the
> March APC magazine. I can't find fixntfs anywhere in
> it. When I
> googled it I found other forums and blogs where
> people advised others
> to use it, but was unable to find out HOW to use it.
> Can you tell me
> how?

OK, remember this it at your own risk.
In your case I'd probably disconnect the XP drive
1. Boot Knoppix
2. Open Shell
3. Type "su" and press enter. (this makes you root)
4. Type "cfdisk" and press enter.
5. You will see all your partitions on your hard disk.
They are e.g. hda1 (probably your C:), hda5 (D:) ...
Check those where filesystem is NTFS.
6. Write these down! You should then have a list like:
hda1, hda5, hda6
7. Exit cfdisk.
8. Now type: "ntfsfix /dev/hda1" (or whichever is the
partition you can't access) and press enter.
9. Do this and replace hda1 with all occurences on
your list if necessary.
10. Close Knoppix and reboot back to Knoppix and see
if you can now access the drive.
Good luck.