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On Tue, 2 Dec 2008 11:58:45 -0800 (PST), chrishahn(a) wrote:

>The messages just show up as queued. The routing group connector was
>created during Exchange 2007 setup, and there is no problem with
>internal email between Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. The messages
>just get stuck if they originate outside the firm. Those messages
>never get to the 2007 server.

Well, I suppose you have already restarted the Exchange routing
services on the 2003 server yes? As well as SMTP? ( and the
transport service on the 2007 Hub to boot.

Run ExBpa perhaps And turn up diags on the MSExchangeTransport on the
2003 server as well.

>On Dec 2, 2:05�pm, Andy David {MVP}
><ada...(a)> wrote:
>> On Tue, 2 Dec 2008 10:22:04 -0800 (PST), chrish...(a) wrote:
>> >We have an Exchange 2003 server and have recently introduced 3
>> >Exchange 2007 servers. 1 Mailbox server, 1 Hub Transport, and 1 Client
>> >Access server. �Mail flows between internal users on Exchange 2003 and
>> >Exchange 2007. �Users on Exchange 2003 and 2007 can send outbound
>> >mail. �The one thing that does not work is external email flowing in
>> >to Exchange 2007. �Mail flowing from outside first hits the Exchange
>> >2003 server, and then gets stuck in the routing group connnector
>> >between Exchange 2003 and 2007.
>> >The one other routing group connector in the organization is for
>> >Outbound email, and is in the 2003 routing group. �It forwards
>> >external email to a smart host (mxlogic).
>> If you look at the message properties �in the RGC queue, what does it
>> say as far as the reason they are not being delivered?