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>> What *example* are you looking for?
>> I can't give you an example of what the future might hold.
> Oh swell...
> You said a virus need not be malicious. I asked you to name one
> example.

I guess English isn't your strong suit.

The phrase "need not be" is not the same as the phrase "is not". I
proposed that the future might give a need to incorporate viral code
into robotics. There were two "examples" (one of which was actually in
existence, and one only proposed) of "the good virus" - both largely
unaccepted as proof of existence because the viral code wasn't
"necessary" to accopmplish the "good" task.

IIRC Fred Cohen proposed the virus that compressed files for storge on
disk. I don't recall the author or the name of the program that provided
disk encryption via viral code.

> Seems pretty straight forward to me. Just name one example
> of a computer virus that was not malicious.

The virus "" was written without malicious intent, does that

> So hows about stopping with all the psycho-babble and simply answer
> the f-ing question?

I did, but I guess you're just too stupid to get it!

> Sheesh!