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>> [..UX..]
>> 1024x600 4.5"
> Thanks for the correction.
> Still too small for me;-)
>> and I wonder why no-one has left-right-handed styluses eg. two of them
>> The other one is a spare
> You could attach a spare stylus on the left side with a velcro strap...
> Hope too get a Q1 soon...

The BIG question is:
which one fo these will also emulate the 49-series?

I think I'd like to have a new version of the Qtek 1000
Full VGA Screen gives a better picture
GPS tells where my starnge destination is
WiFi let's me use Skype on a hot-spot
and ordinary GSM I use when WiFI is not available
3G is missing and also new WinCE 6.0 and a new CPU
but I patiently wait for those
one must check the BIG question before buy...

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On Wed, 27 Dec 2006 02:59:38 -0600, Raymond Del Tondo wrote:

[OT, except that you need Windows to run Emu48 :]

> I have long time experiences with nearly all Windows versions,
> from 3.0 to XP .
> Although XP is a 'big monster' regarding the footprint,
> it's the only Windows version where I didn't experience
> a single blue screen so far,
> or crash or lockup in general, in about three years of heavy usage.

Exactly the same here for me,
except I have enjoyed a perfect record with Windows 2000;
my only BSOD was caused by a BIOS bug in my name-brand
computer, which wouldn't boot when more memory was added,
until the BIOS was re-flashed with a fix.

The brand name of that computer with the BIOS bug?


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