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#define in fortran
One of the reasons that I use #define in c is that it mimics what might happen if a caller were passing what is being #defined. Is there such a thing as a preprocessor in fortran? EC ... 25 Oct 2006 09:45
Absoft has announced its Pro Fortran v10 compiler for Win 32/64, 32/64 Linux, and MAC. Upgrade pricing until 31 Jan 2007. Code is up to 20% faster than v9, and can be used with MATFOR (numerical and visualization libraries) as well as IMSL. ... 22 Oct 2006 01:28
Why these original FORTRAN quirks?
sqrfolkdnc wrote: Joe Morris wrote: ... And before someone asks, I've never seen the source for the original FORTRAN compiler based on the first version of the language specs. Does anyone know if it's available? Nobody has ever seen the source, not even the author. Denise Hopper wrot... 7 Dec 2006 21:03
the transfer of two dimension array
hi,everyone I want to transfer the two dimension array in a subroutine,but it can't works. I do that as follow: program main real ::array_name(12,4) ........... call xx(array_name,...) ! in the main program end subroutine xx(arrayname,......) real::arrayname(12,4) ............ ... 12 Oct 2006 21:18
intel fortran: linker error
Hello, we have a program that used to compile with intel fortran 8.0 but when compiling it with intel 9.0 i have those errors at the linkage stage: [dma(a)mebsuta SIMECAFLD]$ make ifort -I. SIMECA.F90 -o SIMECA.o -c -save ifort -I. long_onde.F90 -o long_onde.o -c -save ifort -I. helium.F90 -o helium.o -c -... 6 Oct 2006 10:50
silverfrost IDE
I took my first swing at fortran since when Reagan was president, and think that I did ok with the IDE from silverfrost f95. With the IDE, I'm trying to make a dll that gets picked up by VB. Elsethread (subject: general query), e.p. chandler suggested the following make file for this dll in a fortran that loo... 27 Sep 2006 01:56
ABSoft Fortran 9 download
Hi, does anyone have the ABSoft Fortran Pro version 9? The demo version is ok. I have tried to get a version by contacting absoft, but received no answer.. Kind regards, Anders ... 21 Sep 2006 16:00
OOCOre build trouble with BLACS and SCALPACK
Hello Jeff I am compiling one of DOD benchmark called OOCORE.It needs BLAS BLACS and SCALPACK lib. While building using mpif77 It is giving me following errors. Although I have blacks and scalpack both build successfully using mpich. I saw your name if few old post and I thought of contacting you if you ca... 22 Aug 2006 23:47
Free source code diagramming programs
The latest revision of my source code diagramming programs are available at These programs diagram source code in the following languages: C and C++<br> FORTRAN<br> HTML (very incomplete)<br> IDL, PV-WAVE, GDL and FL They do things like draw lines ... 14 Apr 2006 19:40
Relocation truncated to fit
Hi I hope people can help me with a problem I am having. I keep on getting this error message when I try to compile my program: ifort NRTYPE.F90 debug2.f90 factorial.f90 comp_2_arrays.f90 population_c.f90 pop_fluctuation2_c.f90 get_rho2.f90 -check all -o BH_Ar6 BH_Ar6.f90 -L/home/wy/ARPACK/ -larpack_OPT -L$MKL... 9 Apr 2006 23:10
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