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Formatted stream I/O
I have read the J3/04-007 draft on the properties of formatted stream I/O, and I have confess I am still baffeled about some points. Question 1: What should the program program main open(99,form="formatted",access="stream") write (99,'(A)') 'a' write (99,'(A)') 'b' close (99) end program main ... 10 Dec 2007 00:02
C String Prefix Operator Idea (Was: gfortran diagnostics andso on)
James Van Buskirk wrote: (snip) Well, not quite. Having high priority is normally undesirable I think, but of course we could always use parentheses. Let's see... we have to change '\a' to achar(7), '\b' to achar(8), '\f' to achar(12), '\n' to achar(10), '\r' to achar(13), '\t' to achar(9), '\v' to ach... 24 Nov 2007 11:58
stack overflow
Hi according to My program gets the error "forrtl: severe: Program Exception - stack overflow" 05-Jun-2000 /stack:n where n is the number of bytes (in decimal) you want for... 12 Oct 2007 19:30
limitations of 64bit gfortran
Dear all, what are differences between 32bit and 64bit mode fortran. explicitly, I need to know what differences there are about their limitations. I think that fortran in 32-bit mode can run a program which contains up to 2^32 bite of memory and there is a limitation on each array up about 256MB. It's very imp... 4 Oct 2007 15:18
Error LNK2019
Hi everybody, I'm using IVF 9.1 with MSVS 2005 and I'm experiencing a strange problem. I've got a program composed by several subroutines (each in a different file) and it works very well. Now I'm trying to merge all the code in a single file and I receive this message 1>------ Inizio generazione: Progetto: AIEM... 31 Aug 2007 16:37
Incorrect values calling F from C
Hello again! Ok, so I finally put a testcase together. This demonstrates a basic problem that I have when using iso_c_binding, and calling Fortran procedures from C. Here is the Fortran side: MODULE test USE, INTRINSIC :: iso_c_binding, ONLY: c_float, c_int IMPLICIT NONE TYPE, BIND(C) :: foo ... 9 Sep 2007 18:35
Write to file from DLL
I'm trying to make a DLL with Watcom Fortran 77 v.11. My first approach was to export the function using *$pragma aux functionname export. When passing integers by reference to this DLL function, a totally different number reached the function. My second approach was to combine Watcom C and Fortran in the same DLL,... 21 Jun 2007 12:04
Fortran novice
Hello, I need some help, please!!! I'm a little clueless about Fortran. I'm trying to get the following program to run using a compiler for Windows I downloaded off here: Which also references another program located here: 24 Apr 2007 02:05
Libraries on Linux
Do you know what I am missing to get the below quoted errors? I am trying to compile with ifc and link to the WSMP on a Linux RedHat cluster of Intel PCs. H�kan wgsmp.o(.text+0x12b6): undefined reference to `__dtoq' wgsmp.o(.text+0x1348): undefined reference to `__dtoq' wgsmp.o(.text+0x1365): undefined refere... 23 Mar 2007 15:41
Debug Symbols missing in Intel Visual Fortran
Hi, I've just come back to working on the Fortran side of things after being diverted by other languages. I'm using IVF in a Visual Studio IDE (2003) to debug Fortran DLLs called from a VB.Net front end. Previously I was able to view the values of Fortran variables in the debugger, but I seem to have done ... 15 Mar 2007 08:58
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