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Can teh backend processing for a sophisticated Website be written in Fortran?
Don't see why not. Afterall, you can produce .NET assemblies with FTN95. You could link between ASP.NET pages and a DLL written in Fortran. Regards, Mark On Sat, 14 Nov 2009 17:24:13 -0800 (PST), "analyst41(a)" <analyst41(a)> wrote: including individually customizable page zones with d... 15 Nov 2009 04:36
use of EQUIVALENCE in fortran 90
I have an old Fortran77-style program which does this kind of thing: program test integer, parameter :: nMax=5 double precision :: A(nMax,nMax) double precision :: x(nMax*nMax) equivalence (A, x) (manipulations on A and on x) end program test In other words, an array and a vector are EQUIVALENCE'd and m... 20 Nov 2009 12:18
Hello! I would like to run a Fortran 90 program using Cantera module. I have already installed Cantera, but there is a program error that says that it can not find the file cantera.mod. Because of that, I belive that the other errors are function of this, as, for example, the fact that the program could not open th... 9 Nov 2009 04:26
portable Fortran code
Can anyone tell me how to write a fortran source with directives and use a preprocessor so that it can be compiled with different compilers, e.g PGI and Intel fortran Suppose that I have a source file in which contains the code that can either use a fortran function that is defined differently in PGI Fortran and I... 7 Nov 2009 18:28
year to Modified Julian day
Dear Friends, Recently I've started learning Fortran 95. I want to convert the date format mentioned below to Modified Julian Day format (MJD) 04-Aug-2001 00:10:52 04-Aug-2001 00:10:53 04-Aug-2001 00:10:54 04-Aug-2001 00:10:55 04-Aug-2001 00:10:56 04-Aug-2001 00:10:57 04-Aug-2001 00:10:58 04-Aug-2001 00:10... 6 Nov 2009 11:26
FFTW and Subroutines, copying arrays
Hello everybody, I am using FFTW with fortran and wonder about the way I have to pass arrays to subroutines. In every subroutine I use FFTW in, I have to locally declare the array fftw stores the array in. If I use an array passed to the subroutine as the target for the fftw routine, my program crashes. Here is ... 5 Nov 2009 11:07
blank in assignment Fortran IV
Hello! I am studying an ancient source written in Fortran IV (it is the programme "Free Stochastic Music" by Xenakis in [1]) and I do not understand the blank in the following line of code: HX=HINF+HM*X RANF(-1) By reading the theoretical text, I assume that RANF(-1) should be a random number in [0,1). Als... 21 Nov 2009 19:13
fortran sensibility at specification order
When I compile with gfortran (gcc 4.4) this fragment of code alone : file : test.f90 Subroutine getpar (par, amax) Integer par(amax) Integer amax End gfortran -c test.f90 I get test.f90:3.15: Integer amax 1 Error: Symbol 'amax' at (1) already has basic type of REAL test.... 20 Oct 2009 17:51
f03 v f08 fantasy football
Dan Nagle <dannagle(a)> wrote: (snip) How many folks won't use type complex, preferring to role-their-own complex math from two real variables, because an *initial* implementation of type complex, in the '70s, before compilers were good at inlining, went slow? Without agreeing or disagreeing ... 1 Nov 2009 05:39
Cannot mex with gfortran on Snow Leopard (64bit)
Just had a thought that maybe the gcc version is from Xcode (3.2) and gfortran is from the later branch. So, I got gcc from HPC (which also contains gfortran), so now the two versions are in sync after fixing the paths in $ /Applications/MATLAB2009a/ -v -maci mexFunction.f... 19 Oct 2009 03:07
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