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Count Blank Cells & Letter P
I have a range of cells from B10:B32 that have a few different values in them. I want to be able to count the cells that only contain nothing (blanks) and the letter P. How can this be done? ANY help would be greatly appreciated, Karen ... 12 Jan 2010 19:42
Auto Sum range with multiple columns.
Can anyone tell me if there is vba command to auto sum a range similar to pushing the autosum button ∑ in excel 2007? In this situation the cells may not always be in the same location so hard coding not practical. I can select the range, but can't find command to autosum. I found the the snippet below but it ge... 11 Jan 2010 17:39
Vlookup with more than 15 digits
I'm using Excel 2003 and need to do a vlookup with more than 15 digits. Is this possible? ... 11 Jan 2010 15:24
test posting calculations formula tab
Test posting -- working with customer service; please ignore Using complicated formula, link to another tab ... 11 Jan 2010 14:16
test1 v-2masa
posting a new thread as per customer's request who's calling in MS customer service line reporting an issue about posting new questions. Please disregard. Thanks ... 11 Jan 2010 14:16
6 Day working week (friday holiday)
Hieveryone, I am an excell novice trying to put together a project calculation sheet. I need to calculate total days between 2 dates excluding each and every friday. (middle east, they like to be different) My dates refer to job start and finish and i need the number of working days to automatically calculate costs ... 9 Jan 2010 14:06
Can I increase the view of a drop down list beyond 8 in Excel?
I created a drop down list from a group of more than 8 items (12 items). When the drop down list arrow is clicked, Excel shows the first eight than has the block on the right hand side to scroll down the list. I would like to see every item in the group at the same time. Is there a way to make my view longer... 9 Jan 2010 12:59
I apologize for asking such an incredibly newbie question, but I simply can't get this to work, despite reading the help files and searching this forum. I am using Windows 7 and newly purchased Excel 2007. I have a column A with the following words (this is a simple, made-up example): in A1 The A2 book A3... 11 Jan 2010 13:09
Excel 2007: Vlookup Problem
I don't use Vlookup much and it's not working for me. I know it's user error so can you tell me what I did wrong? I have two worksheets in my file. In the first one, I have a list of addresses with a full unabbreviated US state name in column T, row 2. Column U is blank because I want to put the two-digit stat... 8 Jan 2010 18:28
@which function to use when
Sir, I have a row in excel with cells containing 88.23, 89.01, 72.39, 54.52 and I want to know which fuction/formula to use for making these as 88.25, 89.00, 72.40, 54.50. Please help. Thanks. ... 9 Jan 2010 06:23
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