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what function to use?
What function do i use? eg. DATE PAYMENT CODE 01/03/2010 J96 01/03/2010 B24 02/03/2010 C25 04/03/2010 J96 04/03/2010 U96 04/03/2010 J96 im trying to count how many times the letter J ... 11 Mar 2010 08:55
Why does my text in a cell with wrap text and auto height get cut
It seems that wrap text and autofit row width and row height have a limit. Any idea where to change this limit? I have quite a large text in a cell and when I do wrap text and autofit, then parts of the text get cut of. The text is still there, but it is not shown in the cell and it is cut off when printing. ... 11 Mar 2010 07:49
sumproduct and N/A dates
The following formula produces #N/A because some of the formulae in AB produce #N/A. If I overwrite or remove the formulae producing the error, it calculates correctly but I then lose information. How can I rewrite this to essentially ignore errors - I would put in a NOT(ISERROR(blah blah)) but can't see where ... 11 Mar 2010 07:49
Using english and non-English Excel commands simultaneously in a non-English installation
Hi community, I like this forum very much - I got many valuable insights from it. In the past I had an English Excel installation at the office available, recently my employer moved to the German version and deinstalled the english one. Now, when i use a english command like =VLOOKUP(A1,'Sheet 2'! A1:H200,8,FALSE... 12 Mar 2010 02:52
Pivot Table Wizard causes crash
Hello, I'm using Excel 2003(11.8316.8221) SP3 When I use the Pivot Table Wizard and press the "back" button to redefine the range of data. Excel crashes. I've tried with no other files open. I can use the wizard to create now pivot tables, but not redefine this existing PT. The file is about 1 meg. Than... 10 Mar 2010 18:42
lookup question
I have a sheet in Excel 2007 that lists all of the courses we offer. Columns L to O indicate if a particular course if offered each quarter. For example, for one course (row 5), you might see L5: NO M5: 5F N5: 1F1B O5: NO L5 (Summer 2010) and O5 (Spring 2011) equal "NO" because the course is not offered... 10 Mar 2010 19:49
how can I use conditional formatting with formula and 3 poss resul
Want to test 5 calculated results against a static target. If result greater than target, color cell green. If result = target, color cell yellow. If result less than target, color cell red. Results are presented in a column with the target number in a cell 2 rows above headers in the same column. ... 10 Mar 2010 19:49
Formating cell by Comparing two cells for value
I have a column of data and I want to use conditional formating to compare the current cell with the one above. If the cell above is the same as the current cell I want to fill in the cell with a color. I have tried using an IF function in the condition formating but it does not seem to work. I tried =if(p9=... 11 Mar 2010 07:49
Averaging every 5th cell while omitting zeros
Greetings! Thank you for your interest in my question, I have been bashing my head in trying to figure it out. In a column, I want to add every FIFTH cell starting with row 7 and ending with row 272. Meanwhile, I need to exclude all the cells with zero so the averaging only divides by the number of cells with a... 11 Mar 2010 14:36
Greetings, I am using the following: =SUMPRODUCT(($D$27:$D$500=C12)*($G$27:$G$500>=$K$2)*($G$27:$G$500<=$K$3)*($H$27:$H$500="Single")*($B$27:$B$500)) where C12 is a depot, Single refers to a size, either Single, Part or Full and Column B is the column to sum. K2 and K3 refer to a start and finish date. The form... 10 Mar 2010 16:28
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