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Basing math on duplicate entries in a formula
Okay, what I want is semi complicated, but should be simple. I have two excel sheets, one has raw data on it, let's say its an inventory sheet with Widget A and Cog B, in column B, C & D has the QTY on hand let's say 50,000 each for the months of March, April and May respectively. In the 2nd sheet, my columns... 7 Mar 2010 08:31
I want to copy/export a range of cells into another program
I need to copy a range of cells, then export or copy them to another program, they don't have to be functional, i.e. still in Excel format, i just need the picture of the cells. Does that make any sense? Help me if you can... -- David ... 5 Mar 2010 17:23
count total cells if they are a certain color-reverse conditional
I have a yearly work calendar that is shaded (color coded) to match work days, holidays, non paid days, etc. Is there a conditional formatting that I can use to recap the monthly total of days worked based on the color shading of the date fields? For example, if I work M-F this week, but only M-Th next week, an... 5 Mar 2010 13:58
Confusing results
In cells H15 and H36 I have 10/31/09 and 1/31/10 respectively. In J 15 and J36 I have the following formula: =DATE(YEAR(H15),MONTH(H15-DAY(H15))+2,) Cell J36 has With H36 instead of H15. The intent is to identify the last date of the month identified in column H. However, the result... 5 Mar 2010 18:30
VLook-Up Possibly Conditional Formatting
I am working on a spreadsheet that has three columns. A(Equipment Description) C (Part Number) and AA (Price Each) What I would like to be able to do is to choose either column A as a drop down or Column C as a drop down (be able to start entering and it jump to the description) and after I choose an item out... 5 Mar 2010 17:23
SUM all Instances Q
How could I achieve the following via formula I want to add up all the instances that certain numbers appear in Col B with their corresponding values in COL D e.g. if 1 or 3 or 6 or 20 or 26 or 30 or 55 appears in Row1 then add the value that appears in Row1 COL D and do this for every row in sheet where a values... 7 Mar 2010 10:43
Autofit height
Why doesn't the autofit height in excel work properly ? -- jpd414 ... 11 Mar 2010 04:34
Office Professional 2007, HEADER
How do I remove the Excell HEADER in Office Professional 2007? ... 5 Mar 2010 17:23
Parsing Information from a Cell
I have a long list of supplies in Column A. In Column B it shows the range of their cost ... for example, "79.99 - 89.99". I would like Column C to only include the low end (79.99) of the cost and Column D to show only the upper end (89.99). Is their a formula I can type in Columns C & D to extract this informa... 12 Mar 2010 11:41
changin date dd/mm/yy into Month
I am trying to summarise dates from 01/04/09 to April. Can any body help. I have tried = month(cell) , but it comes up with a value . Any ideas? ... 5 Mar 2010 17:23
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