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Matching Data
Hi I have two sheets in a single workbook I want to look up where data in sheet 1 Column A matches the data and sheet 2 Column A and where there is a match bring the relevant data from Sheet 2 Column H and place it into Column H on Sheet 1. I think this is a Lookup, but cannot get the syntax right. Any he... 10 Mar 2010 11:58
Autofill from Data Validation
I have a list of staff in sheet 1, along with where they work in the company i.e. their geographic location, their department name, their section and their team name etc. How do I use a Vlookup to show me all the names of staff from the list who are in 'x' department and/or 'y' team name? Thanks ... 15 Mar 2010 09:00
Removing Hyphen(s)
I have numbers separated by Hyphen(s) and I am looking for an easy way to remove the Hyphen and just leave the text My data could be 1410-4031 or 1469-1555-043 Thanks -- ce ... 10 Mar 2010 10:50
Returning a label rather than a number in pivot table field
I am new to pivot tables and have managed to create a few that show the desired data. However, I would like the value returned to be the name of a company rather than a number. Is this possible? For example, I have company types in the column (e.g. small & big) and geographic location in rows (e.g. Europe ... 10 Mar 2010 17:35
Report one value out of a range
Hello everyone. I have the following scenerio that I sure could use some help on: A B C D E 1 Mike tools Sam tools 2 Tom bike 3 Mike bed 4 5 Sam tools ab2 6 Sam bike ab3 7 Sam bed ab4 8 Tom tools ab5 9 Tom bike ab6 10 Tom... 12 Mar 2010 09:26
how do I print edge to edge with absolutely NO margins
I'm trying to create a form and want the print edge to go as far to the right as possible. How can I "get ur done"? ... 10 Mar 2010 09:42
hi, every one.. How to validate between two workbook..? Is there any option on this ... 10 Mar 2010 08:36
Changing info from one worksheet to the next
Hi all. I have linked my 55 sheets to one which is great. What i need to know now if possible. Each sheet has the same question over 11 columns Each row is dated and a numeric number from 1 - 10 in each row Now on the master sheet where everything is linked, is there a way that If i changed the date on the master... 10 Mar 2010 09:42
vlookup---using data outside the range specified in the formul
Here's my response in your earlier thread: Addressing this line: Is there a way to still access the data in Column A in Sheet 1, even though VLOOKUP uses the range starting with Column B in Sheet 1? Extend your horizon beyond vlookup, use index/match. Its much more versatile, you can match on any col and... 10 Mar 2010 01:59
using indirect to return a named range?
I'm having a mental block on how to do this. I have a boatload of named ranges in my workbook. I have one worksheet that has two data validation cells and a graph. I want the two data validation cells to be used to select the named range to use to populate the graph series. My named ranges pull from a large... 10 Mar 2010 16:28
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