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Date abbreviations / extensions
Is there a way to have dates show with extensions like, "st", "nd", "rd", "th" when using the NOW() formula? In other words, when the date changes from the 1st to the 2nd will Excel display the extensions? Or, is there a way automatically to spell out the dates, (First, Third, Sixteenth, etc.) using the NOW() or so... 8 Mar 2010 22:04
VLookUp Error
Hi All, I have the following function: =VLOOKUP(C46,'Pipe and Fitting Details'!C24:D42,2) C46 is a dropdown list. It works for everything except for anything which starts with 10" 6" Pipe works 8" Pipe works 10" Pipe fails 12" Pipe works any ideas? Chad ... 4 Mar 2010 14:41
Trouble with linset
When I enter in linset and hit ctrl shift enter it still doesn't display the information as an array, what is the problem? ... 5 Mar 2010 20:44
Area display help
I am trying to find out how to display information over multiple cells. By this i mean i have a formula (not sure if i should use another) (=IF(A6="Wet Navy") that when Wet Navy is written in A6 the "if" function will execute. i also have an are with information on it (15Cx37R) that is far off to the side. I am... 4 Mar 2010 15:50
Font Color Conditional Formatting/Color Scaling
tWithin a matrix of data, I want to use two conditional formating/color scaling: one for the background color of the cell, the second for the font color corresponding to a different (but same size) data matrix. I know how to use the conditional formatting/color scaling for the background color--however would i... 4 Mar 2010 13:32
edit the cell contents command in Excel 2007 macro
In Excel 2007, I want to write a macor which edits the cell contnets and goes to right or left adjacent cell and again eidts the cell contents. Will higly appreciate the suggestion and or s,advice. Thanks. ... 4 Mar 2010 14:41
Cannot get the column to total with =sum
I am working on a lengthy worksheet and have many link to one colmn from other worksheets so that I can get the totals of all in the column. When I put in the simple formula of =sum(B10:B2) the total comes up as 0. I tried setting the column to general, does not work, tried the copy a blank to the column with ... 4 Mar 2010 15:50
Conditionally format a cell using a list of data defined in a rang
Is it possible to conditionally format a cell using data defined in a range on a seperat tab? The data sheet information being pulled from the range, and i would like the cells to change colors when certain data appears. The names in the list that I would like to turn the different color totals around 30 name... 4 Mar 2010 13:32
Report using dates as a criteria
Hi I have a register (list) that has headings such as name, start date, end date, course duration in days (4) example is Name Start Date End date Duration Sid 25 Feb 2010 3 mar 2010 5 Sid 12 Mar 2010 16 mar 2010 3 As showed each name will hav... 4 Mar 2010 12:22
Skipping rows
I'm trying to copy the contents from one sheet to another. My objective is take data that is in a row and move it into a column on another sheet. EX. move c2 in sheet a to k2 in new sheet. Repeat this but skip from c2 to c6 and place it in k3 etc. ... 4 Mar 2010 12:22
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