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calculating clock times
if i enter "7:00 am in one cell and 5:45 pm in another cell, what formula do in enter in another cell to caluclate the time? ... 8 Mar 2010 13:04
Matching function or no match
I am using this formula to compare 2 list to see which numbers are not included in both column A and Col C. The formula I am using below pulls out the ones that i do have a match . Is there another function that I could use that would only pull out the ones that there is not a match? =IF(ISERROR(MATCH(... 7 Mar 2010 14:05
Determining number of entries in a table
I want to dynamically calculate the number of entries in a list of text strings. Surprisingly COUNTA returns a number not corresponding to the actual number of strings in a range of cells. I tried to revert to COUNTIFS but cannot determine the correct syntax for the concept "is not null/empty". Any suggestions... 15 Mar 2010 10:06
Looking up name with 2 criteria
A B C D E First x 5 second x 0 third x 2 fourth... 7 Mar 2010 15:11
Calendar Formatting Based Upon Multple Date Ranges
Hi there, what I am after is simple enough in nature, but seems to be difficult to create. Basically I work on a rotational job. Usually it is 4 weeks at site, and 4 weeks off. Sometimes that can Change to 6 on, 2 off, etc. I'd like to create a calendar that allows me to specify a start date, # days on, # days ... 7 Mar 2010 05:16
Sumproduct and dynamic data
Good afternoon, I have an Excel 2007 workbook that I am having issues with. I have set up a dynamic graph that allows me to put in a start and finish date and it graphs the values in that time frame. It works great right now. What I want to do is have a cell add up the values between these changing dates f... 6 Mar 2010 21:46
function to download stock prices into Excel with 2007
I used to be able to download stock prices with a function in Excel 2003. Just had to click update prices once the function was in spreadhseet cells. Can't find one to use in Excel 2007. Is there a comparable extension available? ... 6 Mar 2010 19:36
Disabling "cut" function - version 2003/2007
Does any one know how to disable "cut" function in a protected worksheet? By allowing cutting in unprotected cell, it is messing up the formula that I put in the protected cell which is related to that unprotected cell. ... 6 Mar 2010 17:24
Match value in one column and return value in same row in next
Thank you so much it works perfect! "Joe User" wrote: "Zuo" wrote: I have a a set of values in A1 through A100. I need to look up each value and find a match in another set of values located in C1 through C200. If a match is found then I need the formula located in column B to return th... 6 Mar 2010 17:24
Counting Cells by Format
I have some large spreadsheets with rows of expected results for a specific data element under various conditions. People entered whether or not the expected results were received by changing the fill on the cell to green, yellow or red. I need to count the different results into Pass, Doc, and Fail. Help!... 6 Mar 2010 18:30
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